Initial Assessment/Consultation

Prior to meeting with Dr. Behmer, you will be required to fill out the new patient package. This will have a series of questions about your current, past and family health history. This gives Dr. Behmer an insight into your overall health and helps to guide the appointment. All of this information provided by you in the new patient package will give Dr. Behmer a solid foundation in order to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. Once she has reviewed your paperwork, Dr. Behmer will ask you a series of questions that will help paint a picture about what is concerning you. Following that, she will perform a physical exam, which will include ranges of motion testing, neurologic examination, palpation of the tissues (muscles, ligaments. Tendons, and fascia) and vertebrae, and orthopedic testing. The purpose of the initial assessment is to determine which structures in the body are creating your symptoms. Once the examination is complete, Dr. Behmer will take all of this information and develop a treatment plan specifically designed for you.

Report of findings- second appointment

The purpose of the second visit/report of findings is to discuss the findings of the initial assessment and review your treatment options. Dr. Behmer believes that understanding your body and how the treatments are going to help you is a vital part of any treatment plan, so at this time she will discuss with you what structures are causing your pain, why it happened, what the treatments will involve, and how to prevent this from happening in the future. Once there is a full understanding and all questions have been answered, with your consent, the first treatment session will begin.

Subsequent visits

Following the first and second visits, the journey begins. You and Dr. Behmer will work together to reach your health goals and get you on the path to optimal health. Your specific treatment plan will determine the number of visits needed moving forward, however much like going to the gym and proper nutrition, regular chiropractic care is recommended for maintaining the health of your spine and nervous system.

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